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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Winner

As mentioned yesterday, we had a Paczki "Fry Off" as my brother called it. Three contestants: my sister Maggie, my brother Phil, and myself.

Maggie and Phil used my mom's recipe and I, of course, had to step out of the box and try something different.

Here is my plate: I filled mine with strawberry jam.

And ta-da: all the competing Paczki's.

Left to right: Mine, middle, Maggies with raspberry filling, and far right, Phil's with Nutella filling and almond filling.

Here we are, ready for the sampling.
Drumroll please.................and the winner by consensus was Phil. His were great. Large, just the perfect amount of filling, wonderful crumb, moist, and fried to perfection. Second place was Maggie....good size, good filling, just a little to brown on the outside. Mine, well thumbs down. Small, filling was not successful (tried filling with a pastry bag), although presentation scored a few points.

This was fun for us. Everyone enjoyed tasting the final products. Lesson of the day: don't mess with a good thing! Mom's recipe is tried and true.

Congratulations Phil! We look forward to your good work for years to come!


  1. You all have my admiration for all the hard work involved in making these traditional treats. They all look delicious! Love, Penny (I bought mine at the store;-(

  2. Audit! I suspect that Phil bought his at a local bakery!

    1. Sorry, no audit required. They were the real thing....just like Mother's.

  3. I suppose we all know who "anonymous" is when they use the term "AUDIT"!!! ;)
    Wish I was there to be the 4th judge.
    Miss you all,

  4. Wish I could have been there to help judge! Looks wonderful, I can still taste them! Did you save me ant???

  5. Sure look tempting and now I have to wait for forty days for a sweet???