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Friday, February 3, 2012

St. Petersburg

Such a charming city.  The downtown has that old comfortable charm to it.  Brick streets, old buildings, great architecture, yet big city feel, as well.  Lots of city parks, lots of water, bikers, joggers, outside cafes.

We took in the Chihuly Collection.  It was spectacular.  It's a permanent collection in St. Petersburg.
Sorry, no flash photography allowed inside.  The one piece I really liked I had to pass up; it was $32,000.

We walked around town and discovered this lovely hotel.  The Vinoy.

The Lobby

Little Sitting Rooms Inside the Lobby
Rooms start at $300 per night, just in case you are interested.  There was a lovely porch across the front where you could sit in rocking chairs or at an outside bar and check out the lovely view.
Nice harbor areas, nice parks and love these banyan trees.

Oh, just need to mention it was a pleasant 82 degrees.


  1. Lovely . . . did you go for the day or did you stay at the Vinoy? SMILE . . .
    Did you run into RazMaTaz?

  2. Sure looks beautiful! I was in Florida once years ago in February, it was like Dorothy in the wizard of oz going from black and white to tecnacolor! Enjoy your stay... Don't worry about us, it will be 82 here in a few months! ;-). Love, penny