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Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Park

We spent some time in Winter Park on Saturday. What a lovely town! Park Avenue is awesome with all the fine shops, restaurants, and yes....the Wine Room.
My Richie!

It is so fun to people watch also. Lots of people walking dogs. Most shops have water bowls on the sidewalk for the doggies. The funniest was seeing a couple walk their bird ( it was a big pink parrot or something like that)..... for real....walking it in it's cage in a stroller.

Lots of money in this neck of woods.....check out these cars.
Fine Cadillac's a Rolls Royce

We tried to stop at the French Bakery but they had closed for the day. It's fabulous they say. The Pastry Chef/ Baker is straight from France.

We wound up the day by attending Erik's concert at Winter Park High was the all county honors band concert. It was very, very good. Congratulations Erik....great percussion!  Picture forthcoming.

What a fun day we had.

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