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Saturday, January 1, 2011

To Heck With Resolutions

Do you actually know anyone who has made a New Year resolution and stuck to it?  I know I have never done so nor do I know anyone who has done so.

My thought......pick one little word for the year and make a concerted effort to work on it this year.  Examples:
patient, thoughtful, commited, present, encouraging, positive, etc.....

I believe mine will be:  thoughtful and awareness.  My intent is to reach out to those who I can help in some little way at the moment (i.e.) the elderly woman I saw walking with no gloves, no scarf, no hat and it was about 9 degrees out.  This year I will be aware ..... turn around and offer her a ride.

Let's us each be mindful of our intention this year, start out with a clean slate and be thankful we have a new year to celebrate.
Between you and me

 Happy New Year and thank you all for following my blog. 

TTFN - Babs

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  1. oooh I like this idea! I'll have to think of my word :)