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Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five

We've had some decent weather here this week.  A few real cold days but a few milder.  We saw 40 degrees and will in the near future also.  We are all doing a happy dance.

My husband's nephew was in a serious car accident last weekend.  He has a head injury and many broken bones.  We've been up at the hospital visiting his family.  He has one long recovery ahead.

Busy week.  Doctors appointments, book club, meeting  up with friends for coffee and dinner.  Trying to clean in between.  Got to declutter.  I did do a few cupboards.  It is just an ongoing task.

So excited to be heading back to Florida.  My dear friend Junebug already contacted me to ensure I squeeze a visit in with her.  We're going to be busy and have so much fun.

Tried out two new recipes this week.  Beef Barley Soup - it was delicious.  And Bayou Bars.  I sampled these down in Florida.  We had desserts from 4Rivers and one was called a Bayou Bar.  I googled the recipe and made them yesterday.  Pretty yummy.  Now I have to get them out of the house.  Any takers?  Shortbread-ish Pecan crust with cream cheese layer on top.  Baked to perfection!

Hey everyone.....enjoy the upcoming weekend.  Do something extra fun!


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  1. Better take those yummies to your mom and Bettie!
    Dangerous to have inside the house . . .