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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Arrived home on Paczki Tuesday. Tradition upheld....over to Mother's to enjoy coffee and paczki. We ised to make them but a local bakery does such a good job and it's so much easier on us!

Prune, Raspberry, bavarian cream

Phil is the thinnest he's ever been.

What might you be doing for Lent? Giving something up, doing good deeds? Personally, I'm a good deed person. I'm going to work on doing some paying-it-forwards.



  1. I,m giving up Pork. Everytime i go to Toronto I see trucks of pigs heading to the "house" and it upsets me. Despite loving bacon with my Saturday breakfast, it's gone.

  2. Welcome home . . .
    Good for Phil . . . he does look thin!
    I like doing things for others. Hopefully I do that not only during Lent but for always.