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Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend in Review

Not too much going on around here. Lots of leaves falling. Temperatures are steadily dropping. It's dark so early....quarter to six last night. I couldn't wait to go to bed last had been dark for so long.

Took a few nice, long walks over the weekend despite the cold. One actually warms up quickly once we get moving.

Here's a sneak peek of my new couch. Finally picked out some things I like. It's being delivered next week..a few things had to be ordered.

Tomorrow will be one long day. Working the polls! I have to get up in the middle of the night...5 a.m. haven,t seen that hour in a long, long time.

I found these little guys on Pinterest and thought they were so adorable. Trying to figure them out.

The hubby has a birthday on Wednesday. Fixing dinner and making a carrot cake..his favorite.

Today volunteering at the assisted living center and helping a friend....tutoring on how to make whole wheat baquettes.

Take care, my friends.



  1. So nice Barbie . . . I like the neutral . . . and so much you can do with pillows, assessories . . . perfect!

    (Snowmen are pretty darn cute . . .)

    Now . . . go off to bed and get your sleep, loooonnnggg day tomorrow!

  2. Snowmen are darling!!!!

  3. Boy Barb, you are busy! The sofa will be perfect to accesorize for every season. Did your hubby get his comfy chair? Starting to think about Christmas myself...time flies after Halloween... Take care dear friend. Love, Penny