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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fun Find

On our shopping adventure yesterday, Linda and I braved the roads to Holland. We walked the streets of their downtown and checked out all the little quaint stores (no big box in downtown).

I happened upon the neated little dishcloth. Huh, you say.

Part sponge, part chamois—100% superabsorbent and durable!! These Swedish dishcloths far outperform sponges, paper towels and ordinary cloth. They soak up water to leave surfaces streak-free—no drying needed! Machine wash and use over and over. Cellulose/cotton. .Can wash in the dishwasher.

I used mine this morning....I'm going back to buy a few more and some as stocking stuffers! They are so cool!

They come in many different designs. Check them out online! Stay warm friends!


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  1. Always something new isn't there . . . looks and sounds like a "heart filled winner!"