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Friday, November 8, 2013

My Friday Five

One. I'm running with the big dogs now. I joined Costco this week. Looking forward to ditching my Sam's Club membership.

Two. Lynne and I went to Grand Rapids yesterday. We found an awesome Italian market. You wouldn't believe all the fabulous, fun homemade pastas and sauces they have.


I purchased the Butternut squash and Sage and the Asiago Cheese and oregano pasta. Can't wait to try them.

Three. My new to us favorite lunch spot in GR is the Electric Cheetah. Boy did we have an awesome sandwich there. It was the special and called "One Helluva Sandwich". And man, it was!

Pastrami, Swiss, Peppered Bacon, Hot Mustard, Saukerkraut

Four. Had some lab work done today. While there, I stopped and visited some gals in Administration that I used to work with. It's so nice to see them. Debbie started in the business office when I was working there. She said she has been at the hospital for 35 years now! WOW!

Five. Three quarters of our furniture arrives tomorrow. Wish I had a designer to help me arrange clue where I will put things....probably end up doing the same ol' arrangement.

Hope your weekend is delightful.....




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  1. I have an idea for your sofa placement. That sandwich was wicked!!!! And the Epicurean pasta store was so wonderful. I can't wait for a return visit. Such a fun day!