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Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five

Hello my friends, family and followers......another end to a week!

One. Yesterday I wrote about Thanksgiving fare. Well, I made the Butterhorn Rolls. I'm here to tell you that they are easy to make AND they are fabulous. My husband, my sister and I all sampled one and they melt in your mouth. I have 44 of those babies in the freezer. Maggie already proclaimed no one can take any home if there are leftovers....she has dibs on them. Maybe she will give just one to our mother!


Two. Big news last night....

The Bywater's are having a baby girl.

JoJo will have a sister in April! Yay!!!

We love pink!

Three. In keeping with my new fitness plan, yesterday at the gym I finally was brave enough to get on the ellipitcal .....didn't last but five's a killer but it's a start.

Four. This week I also took a Line Dancing class. Now that was kind of fun. Lots of footwork to get straight. The instructor told me I had good rhythm.

Five. Lunch with a high school friend today. (Trina). My sister-in-law and I will be running the roads together tomorrow. Shopping, frolicing, out for lunch and probably dinner...the guys ditched us!

Have a super weekend! Oh, I must get my three turkey decorations out this weekend! It's in six days!




  1. Those rolls make me wish I could do Thanksgiving all over again. My waist line says no way. : )

  2. Two little girls will be fun . . . SISTERS . . . Those rolls look wonderful . . . Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving Barbie!