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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wheatland Music Festival

We headed to Remus Friday morning about 100 miles from home.

We waited in line for approximately an hour and 45 minutes to get to the main gate.


Wheatland is in the middle of farmland.

We drove up and down and all around before we found a spot to squeeze in!

There was every type of style camping imagineable.


Lots of color too!



A few vintage campers

I was amazed at the number of people who stopped at our campsite and commented on our camper and setup. So many nice compliments. Everyone wanted to see the inside of our camper. One lady said we win the award for best campsite, another called it the most romantic oasis, another said cutest site in whole just went on and on. Some wanted to know it was for sale. So many said...just love your camper, its so cute. Even men stopped and admired! It felt really good!

Food vendors, craft booths, music, young and old, put enjoying a weekend of music.





The sunset on our first night.

It was a fun weekend but a little too wild for us. We were so far from the main areas for the music, lots and lots of drinking and lots and lots of pot. Younger kids galore...lots of dreadlocks and tie dye. Made for a lot of interesting people watching and interesting sights. At least we gave it our best shot.



  1. Great comments about Lila . . . she deserved and earned them.
    Wheatland sounds like it is as wild as ever. Great pictures Barbie!

  2. She is a beauty, and so much fun. Love seeing all of your adventures! Sending love...Penny