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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Reveal


We had great fun taking selfies!

When little Missy was just a little nugget in the oven, I started a quilt for her.
Her momma had several baby showers and received lots of blankets and quilts.
I put mine on the back burner. Came across it again when I was de cluttering and decided to
complete it. Took it to have it quilted and got the backing and binding done.

JoJo came for a visit this weekend and I had it all ready for her.

Here is the front...below the back.

The label I sewed on it. She wrapped up in it, laid for a few minutes and said, it's hot!

We sat quiet and read books, while Mommy and Daddy were at the Notre Dame/Michigan State game.

Had to get a little nap in....we were tired out from playing and playing!

I hope my little JoJo cherishes her quilt and passes it on to her kids one day. It was made filled with lots of love! The pattern Urban Baby Quilt.


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  1. Beautiful quilt Barbie . . . and I love the sleepy cuddle!