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Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

One. This week has proved to be absolutely gorgeous. The temps are perfect. Walking, biking, sitting outside reading a book. The air is crisp yet, delightful. The days warm up to the perfect temperature. Absolutely glorious.

Two. Success. Finally after all these years I found a recipe for chicken noodle soup that is gift worthy and oh so delicious. Thanks Lynne for sharing. Add a loaf of Dutch oven bread and oh my!

Three. Cleared away the spent flowers of summer in various pots and refilled with autumn goodness.

The Farmers market had every color you could imagine.

Four. My niece Lindsey was re-married this past weekend. It was a small, lovely ceremony and luncheon which followed. Happy for them! Congratulations Luke and Lindsey.


Five. Not many accomplishments in the de- cluttering, sorry! Too nice outside. I did go to the apple orchard and bought more apples. Made a luscious Apple Crisp.


Little bonus, for those of you not on FaceBook, here is a photo of my husband and I taken at the wedding.

Enjoy your weekend. Hope you do something fun!




  1. Nice post, great picture of you two! Beautiful mums . . .

  2. I could go for a swim in that soup, it looks soooo good! My favorite meal is homemade chicken soup, I'd always ask Mom to make it for my birthday dinner!