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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Vignettes

I'm working on creating a few little Easter vignettes around the house.  I am not one big on holiday decorations.  I create a few - with me - less is more!

I really  like how this little basket came out.

I forgot about this old wooden box.  The Dove Chocolate Rabbit likes being perched there!

Ghiradelli has some cute chocolates this season.

I took vintage postcards and mounted on foam board and glittered the edges.  Kind of cute!

My little Fritz and Floyd Easter pieces from long ago.

Miss Maggie  made progress yesterday.  She received her arms and legs and nose.
Her dress and shawl.  Getting close to being done.
 And this is the only spring related thing that I saw yesterday on the First Day of Spring.  Tulips on my table.
It was 24 degrees and light snow yesterday and today.

Still battling a cold.  This cough is getting the best of me....dry and non-productive but I cough til my ribs hurt.  Not looking for sympathy just letting you know whats happening around here.  My sister Maggie has the same thing so we were definitely exposed to "germs" somewhere recently.

Have you done any Easter decorating.  It's next week just in case you haven't!


  1. Hi Barb, I love all your spring touches. I wouldn't leave that chocolate bunny unattended for long, he may have no ears when you come back! Maggie bunny is so charming, great job my friend. Love, Penny

  2. Very very pretty. I love the stuffed rabbit. Did you notice everything below your follower gadget has the shakes? Or is it just my computer?

  3. Maggie Rabbit looks wonderful Barbie! Next week, I hope to work on mine!

    Looking like Spring around your home . . . I hope that cold and cough decides to visit some place else . . . not me though, please. I hope JoJo doesn't get it!

  4. Barb what sweet spring vignettes!LOVE that wood box,bunny and eggs.Hope you are feeling better soon!


  5. Thanks for the deadline warning. I got with it today. Your vignettes are so pretty. For once I think you have more out to welcome springtime than I do. Have a blessed week, Barb.