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Friday, March 8, 2013

Midwest Blogger Event

This is a first for me (and Lynne).  We are going to Naperville, IL for a Midwest Blogger Event.  It is sponsored by Jen Rizzo.  Jen has is a very creative blogger - pay her a visit if you have not done so.

The event is next weekend.  The capacity is capped at 25 and I believe it is near full.  So we will be meeting quite a few bloggers and getting to learn more about what makes a successful, fun blog.  I hope to come home with some fresh ideas on how to spruce it up a bit.

Of course, we will have time to do a little browsing about the town.  So excited.  Hope I don't come across as the little country bumpkin coming to the big city~


  1. Oh that sounds great Barb
    enjoy, enjoy enjoy

    Can't wait to hear how it goes....

    x Fiona

  2. Hi Barb, I doubt there will be a city slicker among us at the meet up. We are all suburban, small town and country girls! Can 't wait! Love, Penny

  3. Hello Barb. Enjoy your trip. It sounds like it will be very exciting meeting other bloggers and doing a bit of shopping. Hugs Judy