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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Morse Museum, Winter Park Florida

The Morse Museum is known internationally for its collection of the works of american artist and designer, Louis C. Tiffany. The scope of the collection seen here extends from leaded glass lamps to unique windows. It includes the chapel interior he created for the World's Columbian Expo in Chicago in 1893. The collection also includes objects and architectural elements from Tiffany's Long Island estat

The chapel is breathtaking.

Hundred of thousands mosiac tiles, jewels, pillars, stained glass. A baptismal font.

Stain glass pieces from his estate.

The daffodil terrace pillars were lovely.

Surprisingly, there was very little jewelry.

A lovely afternoon outing. I would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.
Of course, we had to walk Park Avenue, visit a few shops and make a stop at the french bakery. Brought morsels of goodness for dessert.

Winter Park is a great stop.


  1. The Morse Museum looks like a very lovely place. The art work is very grand. I really love the daffodils. Hugs Judy

  2. Looks like a lovely visit . . . dessert items too!

  3. Hi Barb, Love those windows with the wisteria, have seen them so many times in photographs. Must have been amazing to see them in person. So glad you are enjoying yourself ! Take care. Love, Penny

  4. You missed the snow! Looking forward to meeting up with you next weekend at the Midwest Meet-up!

    :) Linda

  5. Hello sweet friend!

    I am over-the-top excited you are going to the Mid-West Meet-up! WE are going to have so much fun!!!!!

    See you there rock star!