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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Fun

This is the last of the series of No More Winter Whining over at Life is a Garden and these are my Colors.
This week's theme is What Do You Do for Fun in the Winter.

Everyone's definition of fun is different.  What might be fun to me is boring to someone else.  So, fun is very personal!

Winter is a time that I feel one has an opportunity to slow down, nest, rejuvenate and get to things that you are too busy to do in the summer.  So, fun things for me in the winter may be:

Making a Snow Angel

Upon request for my Staci in Florida
Antiquing is Fun

As well as Estate Sales

There is always crafting and trying something new....
And dreaming of summertime...getting ideas from blogs

I love snuggling up with my husband or a good book or my ipad

and baking

and reading
and knitting

and stitching

and escaping for a few weeks down to the sunshine!      

So there you have it.  Winter Fun.
What do you do for fun?


  1. Fun is knowing you, Barb. Excellent post!

  2. Nice post-- love the "baking" photo! Great suggestions for a cold winter day too!

  3. All excellent things to enjoy over the winter... and many of thing my favourite things too! Thanks for participating in the last of our little game, it has been fun and I really do appreciate your involvement. Cheers~

  4. Hello Barb, your snow angel is great. The treasures from your Bling shopping looks wonderful. Have a lovely time down in Florida. You will be missed. Hugs Judy

  5. Really great post Barbie . . .

  6. Hey Barb, Was that you in the snow making snow angels?

  7. Oh, yes, I'm heading to Florida for a trip soon, too! Definitely something to look forward to at the end of winter! And thanks for the reminder about the joys of baking!

  8. I would agree with your definition of fun. Great post!