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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Here in Orlando, it's refreshing to see spring time beauty knowing back home it's a blizzard.

Azalea bush in our front yard

Along side the house

The crepe myrtles are budding!

Front of house azaleas.

Greenery and refreshing pool.

Taking a side trip to Cocoa Beach....our room with a view.

Rain and clouds today, however temps in the low 80’s.
More later..til then...stay warm!


  1. Gorgeous flowers, colors, Barbie . . . best weeks for you to be away. It is a "glory of white" once again around here . . .

  2. What a very lovely gorgeous blooming world. Love it. It is certainly not blooming in My World. I posted some photos and I reckon you will not want to come home. LOL Hugs Judy

  3. Hi Barb, Love that pop of color. You kind of forget that the snow isn't everywhere, and that some places are experiencing spring. We have weeks till we see such color! Enjoy dear friend. Love, Penny

  4. So jealous. It all looks so beautiful. SIGH!!!