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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finding Nature in Winter

Again this week, I am participating in No More Winter Whining.  This week's subject is finding nature in winter.  I headed out with my camera and hopefully you will enjoy these pictures I snapped.

Our State Park covered in snow

Snow covered pines against the sand dune.

Beach grass in foreground and down the ravine

Small sand dune in background

Trees down across creek

Creek in State Park
We had snow, rain and snow. Thus, it created an ice jam on the Grand River.

These are ice chunks broke loose from the jam and floating by.
Ice floating out to Lake Michigan
Nature is all around us.  The wind, the snow, the rain.  We had thunder, rain, and lightening this past week.
Why not get out and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.
The kids love it.
The doggies too!~
Linking up to Heather


  1. Great photos. Your doggies seem to be wondering what they are doing out in the snow. VBG Hugs Judy

  2. Oh Barb

    It looks so cold but it is also beautiful.
    fantastic photos
    and the dogs are just FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Barb, thank you for joining in the third week of no winter whining. I love your photo's showing winter is all black and white. Great shots of your state park. (your sand dunes look different than mine) Happy Superbowl Sunday.

  4. Very pretty; your photos look like Xmas cards. Love the coat on the doxie!

  5. You've got some good brrrr weather going on there.

    Thanks for joining in No Winter Whining.


  6. Wonderful pictures, I especially love the pictures of the creek. And the ice on the river floating out into Lake Michigan, great shots! Thanks for sharing your photographs, love your pups! Visiting from No Winter Whining link party, Deb

  7. Love, love . . . Simon and Cooper! Great pic of them! No whining from them . . .

  8. Hello! I'm here through the No Winter Whining linkup. I've been enjoying your photos. My favorite this week is the "ice floating out to Lake Michigan." Also the shot of the sledding hill. What would it be like to have a hill like that to go down? My kids would be in heaven!

  9. It is so nice to see that other parts of the world are faced with the same view as I am looking at! Wonderful shots of nature in winter, and, you even found colour! Thanks so much for joining in on our No Winter Whining, this week, it is a pleasure! Cheers~