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Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Friday Again!

About all that's been happening here the last few days is snow, snow, snow.  Between yesterday and this morning we got at least a foot.
Out the back slider.

Thus, I've been snuggled in getting a few Valentine things together.
Made some hearts for Joslyn to wear for Valentine's Day

Tucked in a little something for her Mommy too....don't look at this Jackie!
A little knitting......
Cooper's little ears and neck get soooo cold in the snow!  He's got a coat but this will do the trick.
You can see the knitting is still on the needles...we were just trying it on for size so it is a bit longer.

Off tonight for a Lake Perch Dinner.  My sister-in-law Linda and I are going to the "Bling Thing" first.  Wine and chocolate and vintage costume jewelry extravaganza.  Should be interesting....over 1000 pieces.  Hope to find something great.

Have a good weekend !!


  1. Hello Barb,
    I reckon we got a wee bit more snow than you all did. Your Heart Tee is so very sweet. Can I come to the Bling Party too?? I love Chocolate. VBG Hugs Judy

  2. I wanna go too . . . happy weekend, Barb.

  3. Love the Onsie Barbie . . . and the hearts . . .
    Coopers neck warmer is perfect . . . such a cute dog!

  4. You are amazing, just love the sweet tee for JoJo, you know I copied your hearts, and now doggie couture? What's next my talented friend? Have a great weekend. Love, Penny