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Monday, October 3, 2011

Color Tour Photos

It really was a color tour but as I edit my photos, there are no shots of the trees.  What was I thinking?  I would say, all in all, the color was spotty. It definitely was not peak.  Some areas had a lot of orange and yellow and some areas nothing.  I would say, peak would be in a week or two, depending on the temperatures.  Speaking of which, it is gorgeous here.  This is our Indian summer this week.  Today was 72 degrees and it is suppose to hang right around there until next Monday!  Yay!   I love this weather.

Our first major stop was in Traverse City at Left Foot Charley's, a winery.  They were hosting their October Harvest Fest so it was a little crazy around there.  We were able to get a little wine tasting in.  The favorite of the locals was definitely the Hard Cider.  I didn't really care for it but many people did!
Little music, carriage rides, and just plain beautiful afternoon to be outside and sip!

We continued on through Traverse City and made a stop in Elk Rapids.  They have a very quaint downtown area and waterfront.  We walked out to the end of this little jetty.  It was so peaceful and the water was crystal clear.  Odd thing was all the zebra muscles on the shore in the rocks.....thousands of them.
The water is the Grand Traverse Bay.

We continued on and hit a few other small communities, East Jordan and Bellaire.

We found this wonderful pumpkin place way off the beaten track on some back road.
Gourds, pumpkins of all sizes, and squash.  We got quite a sampling to take back home with us.  I can't wait to cook up some squash.  We bought butternut, sweet mama, and sweet dumpling!..Yum, I love winter squash.

Now brace yourself!  This is my husband's idea of a road trip!
Down a two track for about 3 miles, in the middle of no man's land.  I think this might be the Pine River.  God only knows where we were!

Back onto paved roads and we headed homeward.  It was a gorgeous day today.  We did see some color, drove mostly back roads and really enjoyed a day or two away.  Back home safe and sound.  Thanks Richie for doing most of the driving.


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