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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Baptism

We went to Chicago Saturday for Joslyn's baptism.  First of all, it was an absolutely gorgeous day!  The temperature was warm, a nice breeze, fall colors, and family together to witness our little girl being baptized.

Joslyn is wearing the baptismal dress and bonnet her Mommie wore when she was baptized.

Concordia Lutheran Church in Berwyn, IL

Aunt Jessie is Joslyn's GodMother.
L to R:  CJ (Joffrey's bestfriend), Jessie, Joslyn, my Mom, Mommie and Daddy
Later in the day, Aunt Maggie and Joslyn
Four generations: Jackie, my Mom, my sister, and Joslyn
I would say that Joslyn is definitely the center of attraction at any family gathering.  We all had to share her ...they were two grandma's, one great grandma, one grandpa, a stepgrandma, three aunts, an uncle, and several friends.  We all wanted to hold her and love her!

May the Lord bless you and keep you Josie!

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  1. What a special day . . . It brought tears to my eyes!
    Thank you for sharing such treasured photos.