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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ahhh....Beautiful Fall

If you follow my friend Lynne's blog, Irish Garden House, you already learned that she took me to her "secret" spot and we picked wild bittersweet vine!  What a treat!  We filled the trunk of my care and divided it up.  I did some decorating around the house and yard.  I have guests arriving Thursday from Florida (my brother Mike and his gal, Marlene).  I wanted to spruce things up so they could get a feel of fall.
My little vignette off the dining room.

Bittersweet vine!

One of my pots of the sides of the garage, mums and gourds.

You can see the bittersweet along the fence tops.

Beauty along the driveway.
Another shot of the bittersweet vine as you come down the driveway.

Other side of drive.
It truly has been an Indian Summer this past two weeks.  The sun, the warm temperatures, the leaves turning, the sights and the smells have been overwhelming.  We've been blessed to have this weather.  It is predicted now to rain and temperatures will be dropping to only the high 50's.  The leaves are starting to fall off the trees, the acorns dropping, pinecones, coming down........time to start hunkering down.

Thank you Lynne for sharing your secret spot with me.  Mum is the word....promise!


  1. HI Barb, You two hit it big...At the Country Living Fair they were selling a small bunch of bittersweet for $8 to $15! I think you got over a $100's worth!! So pretty. Your home will certainly give them a good ol' midwestern autumn welcome. Have fun! Love, Penny

  2. Everything looks beautiful! They are going love it here, even though it has turned to winter!