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Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Five

One. Had a great trip to Orlando. It was warm but NO sun. Not sure what was up with that. Despite the clouds, we enjoyed the temperatures and not having to wear a coat. Our toes loved the fresh air wearing sandals.

Two. My husband was happy to see me return back home. This was the first time at being home alone for any length of time. He survived but admitted he wouldn't like that way of life.

Three. The yard has been cleaned up and fertilized. I have to get busy now clearing an area for my zinnias. I so want a cutting garden. My fear ...the deer.

Look right above the gas grill, this one and two of her buddies were hanging in our yard. They have chewed many of my flowers in the past; they will have a feast in the zinnia garden....must devise a fenced area of sorts.

Four. The sun is out today. I brought a lawn chair out and sat it on the deck. It's glorious in the sun.

Five. Making "to do” lists for the spring. We must power wash the deck and the house, stain the deck, trim back bushes, paint the front door (maybe replace it). The list continues to grow.

Have a fine weekend. I know I plan on it.


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