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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday Five

One. Day trip to Chicago to meet our little lady, Miss Madelyn. Precious, tiny, beautiful.

Modeling sweater Aunt Barbie knitted for her.

Two. It was 73 degrees. Glorious. Their community was hosting an Easter egg hunt today. Daddy was practicing with Jojo ...teaching how to pick up the eggs quickly and put them in a basket.

Dragana, Maggie, Josie and Daddy.


Three. Grandma Great was anxious to meet her grandbaby. Beyond precious. So happy she made the trip.

Four. Lovely ladies.

Five. Hippity Hop easter egg hunt today.

Raining here. April showers bring May flowers! Time to get packing for Florida! EXCITED!



  1. Exciting time for each of the generations!
    Little Madelyn looks like she could be a fair complexion . . .
    or is that just the photo.
    Nothing sweeter than a newborn . . .
    Happy days Aunt Barbie . . .

  2. What a beautiful baby and lovely family. Congratulations to you. My grandson (4) just did the same thing this past week-end with the Egg-Stravaganza and sitting on the easter bunny's lap.

  3. What a beautiful family...what a blessing and having your Mom there to share it all, as they say, Priceless! Love, Penny