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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Love Orlando!

My big thing today was going to grocery stores! So many choices.

We stopped at Fresh Market. I so like that store. Fresh flowers, fresh deli choices, great salads, nice bakery, yummy breads, lots of bulk items and nice organic produce. Great seafood and awesome meat department.

Then off to Whole Foods.

Oh my gosh. So many choices, such a selection. I had the BEST iced Mocha as I shopped. Great coffee bar.

I found my Argan oil there also. So excited to slather my face up tonight in the liquid gold!

Nice bakery, cookies by the pound, salads.

I stopped at the new Publix store also. So pretty in there and they even have a cooking school.

Our little town back home just doesn't have the class these stores do. Also, people down here don't wear pajamas to the store!

Weather is awesome. So nice to go outside without bundling up!

More later.



  1. Where are you in Orlando? I'll be there next week! Yayayayay!

  2. Many treats and temptations . . . maybe you and Erin can have a "meet up!"