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Thursday, February 27, 2014

An IPad, JuneBug and Cocoa Beach

So, three years ago, we went to Cocoa Beach and stayed in a condo for a month. The first week there, I was at the pool sunning and a lady swam to,the edge and asked me if that was an ipad I was using. From that moment, it was an everlasting friendship. June (aka JuneBug) and I connected. We talked and talked about the ipad and how we loved it. We exchanged apps, game ideas and knowledge.

The following year, while in Orlando we visited her once again. Today, we just returned from another three day visit.

She staying in a different condo this year. It's awesome.



How we love the beach!

June wouldn't let me take her picture. But, she is the most generous, gracious, funloving, giving person. She loves to entertain, laugh, talk and truly enjoys people. She's had some really tough roads to travel and despite her hardships, she still welcomes people into her world so generously.

She introduced me to an awesome cocktail. A cosmo noir. Oh my!

Lynne, we must make these! Delicious.

I love these chairs in the condo and this couch was heaven!

So, another visit, more ipad exchange, and good times. Til next time, I love you Junebug!


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  1. So wonderful Barbie, filled with serendipity, genuine, authentic. All of what I love and what I love about you! Enjoy these final days . . . hurry home so we can "chill" together . . . I'd love to meet your Junebug . . .