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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Weekend in Review

We had a few visitors breeze through town!  They were headed up to Arcardia for a week at camp.

Can you tell she just ate a Klondike Bar and loved it!
Missy had to try on her diaper covers Aunt Barbie is making for her for school!
Few adjustments and we should have it! Now just four more!

 Richie and I took a drive today up to Scottville.  We wanted to check out our next camping adventure at Riverside Park on the Pere Marquette River.

 Corn fields, pumpkin patches, windmill farms all along the way.
Headed to Ludington for a quick lunch on the way home.

Took a look at Silver Lake State Park for future reference...not too bad!
I need to think ahead and start preparing:  the wedding is in two niece and her husband to be Cory.

Lots of out of towners:  I will have these wild children from Florida staying with me.

Take out the two in the middle - they aren't able to make it.

Add the one in the middle, the other two mentioned above !
Anyway you put it, five twenty somethings at my house, plus add a few more hanging coming in from Denver and one from Oregon and add the few already in town.

YIKES!  I better start cooking and baking NOW!  What freezes well....these kids can eat and drink!

Can't wait....let the fun begin!


  1. Let me make some things to help you out! I'd love to! What fun this will be! The wedding is in K isn't it?

  2. Dear Barb, I love a family wedding and company! You are gonna have the best time with all those kids...spoil them rotten Auntie! Love, Penny