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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day Trip

We hopped in the car early Tuesday morning and took off on an impromptu road trip.  Our destination:  Elkhart, Indiana.  I saw on one of the blogs I visit, someone visited the RV Hall of Fame.  Inside the museum they have a vintage camper display.  We thought it might be fun to check it out.

It indeed was interesting.  Old, old campers, pop-ups, etc.
Model T 1913 The Earl

Mae West's  1931 HouseCar

1930 "The Star"
Interesting interiors also.

1957 Serro Scotty

Mae West's
Aerial shot of museum:
When we left the museum, we saw a sign that directed us to Notre Dame.  It was only a few miles from where we were.  We have never been there so took a quick tour of the campus.  Busy place, lots of construction going on.
Beautiful campus

Beautiful large brick buildings everywhere
The football stadium entrance, the University of Notre Dame doesn't show

 On the journey home, we stopped in South Haven for a late lunch.  It was actually chilly there --in July???

Was a good day!


  1. Museum looks like a fun visit. Wonder what those older would think of the rigs of okay. Ask Lila?

  2. Wonderful day trip, Barb. You captured some very nice pictures . . . loved the RV museum . . . especially the one titled 1931 House Car.