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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dr. Dahlia

My hubby and I went for a pleasant bike ride yesterday evening.  I recommended that we take a detour and go for a ride by my friend, Dr. Peters gardens.

Dr. Peters worked at the local hospital where I did for many years.  He was the Pathologist in the Lab.  Always a friendly, happy guy.  During the summer months, he always brought in the prettiest bouquets of dahlias for the front information desk for everyone to enjoy.

He also offered me (I must have been one of his favorites, haha), some dahlia tubers one spring.  We've planted them ever since.  Every few years, I get a new variety but our certainly don't get the love that his do.

He was pulling out of his drive when we rode in but stopped and said Hi Barb and Richard....walk right into the gardens and enjoy!  and off he drove.

Dr. is president of the Dahlia Society.

So neat and tidy.  No weeds.  Every dahlia is labeled.  Such a special place to visit.  Thanks Dr. Dahlia for opening you gardens to those who enjoy!  We appreciate your talent.  Dr. Peters enters his dahlias in various competitions and also gives seminars around the state.  Truly a wealth of knowledge.

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  1. So beautiful! Quite the talent the doc is. Love the name you gave him, Dr. Dahlia!