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Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Iced Coffee

It's that time of year!  Iced Coffee.  I purchased one last week from The CoffeeHouse.....$4.51 please!  Over the summer, that will add up to lots of bucks!  Solution!  Make your own!

It's so very easy.  And it yields a lot of iced coffee's, trust me!
I bought from Sam's Club this two pound bag of dark roast coffee...$10.50.  DaVinci Irish Cream is about $5 bucks there also.

All you do is pour one pound of ground coffee into a very large container (I used a soup pot) and add 8 quarts of cold water.  Let it set overnight.  In the morning, strain the coffee solution into containers.  Use a  mesh strainer with cheesecloth to keep coffee grounds separated from liquid. Keep solution refrigerated.  It keeps a long time.

Discard coffee grounds into the garden - plants love them.

Fill your glass with ice, add an ounce or so of flavoring, pour coffee extract to 3/4 full, stir.  Add milk, stir again and ENJOY!  I know this one doesn't cost you $4.50.

If you really want to be over the top, make coffee ice cubes.  Pour your leftover coffee each morning into ice cube trays.  When hardened, transfer to ziploc bag.  Use for your coffee drinks.  When ice melts it won't water down your yummy drink so much!  Genius!
Life is so good!


  1. Great post Barbie . . . I can't wait to try . . .

  2. Hi Barb, You are very resourceful , great way to save some cash for important fabric and magazines! Love, Penny