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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Weekend Visit

Our little Joslyn came to see us this weekend.  My brother, Phil, refers to her as "Chicago Jo"!

We all had our time with her.  She was passed around and around.   It's been four months since we've seen her.  So many changes:  crawling, pulling herself up, clapping, kisses, holding her own bottle, eating food, baby chatter.  Wow!
  Jackie brought us a special treat from Chicago.

 Richard, Don and Leah enjoyed their little one as well!

Oh, and we had a quick drop by from Jake for Saturday morning coffee and donuts.
It was all about family this weekend!  We all love each other so much!  We even were able to get a face time in with Mike and Marlene this morning.....our Florida family!
Looking at the pictures above you would never know she crawls and stands up!
No one gave her too much of a chance to do that....we all wanted hugs and squeezes.  And, she played so hard she had to get a few naps in!
Time to tidy up the house.....


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  1. Beautiful post Barbie . . . we are rich when we love like this . . . thanks to you, you make it happen!