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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And Another Belated Birthday Present...Yes!

Today, it was finally announced!
The iPad 3.....being released soon.  My wonderful Mother is buying one for me for my birthday!  I currently  have the original iPad.  Now I will be upgrading to one with a camera and FaceTime!  Yes!

Anyone in the market to buy a used iPad?  Thank you Mother!  You're the best~


  1. Lucky you. . . would your mother like one more daughter?

  2. Hi Barb, I don't wanna say you're spoiled, but it takes one to know one;-) Your Mom is one special lady, so generous, but also so hip! Some Moms might buy you some slippers...but not your Mom, she's got her fingers on the pulse of technology! I really loved the Garden Totem that Maggie made for you. I saw something similar at the Country Living Fair last year. They were $$$$$ and not half as lovely! Lucky, lucky, deserving girl! Love, Penny