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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You're Going To Love This!

As you may know, I so enjoy my Starbucks foo- foo coffees and frappacinos. The other thing I really like is McDonald's Caramel Frappe.
Well, I purchased a smoothie blender a few days ago. Reason being, a camper friend had one for breakfast every day while we were camping. She puts a little everything in it, including a few greens. I admit I do not get enough fruit and veggies in my daily food consumption so thought this would be perfect. It works perfect. A little yogurt, skim milk, berries, banana, raw cashews, and a few spinach leaves. How healthy is that!

Back to the frappe'....I figured there was no reason I couldn't make these in my new smoothie thingy! I found a recipe on Pinterest and just made one!'s delicious.

I didn't do the whipped cream! Here's the low down. Now I hope some of you don't find this too labor intensive. You may have an easier method.
I bought espresso beans and used a fine grind at the store. Next, used 8 tablespoons of grounds to 12 ounces of very hot water and french pressed the coffee. la-tee-dah! Don't I sound fancy. Once the coffee cooled, I poured the coffee into an ice cube tray and froze the coffee.

The recipe:
Six coffee cubes
8 oz. skim milk
3 T. Caramel syrup (Hershey's)
2 T. Sugar

Ta.da. That's it.
I'm sitting outside enjoying this perfect tasty drink, blogging away.

Give it a try...along with a breakfast smoothie. I may experiment and add some more green to my smoothie....lettuce or avocado and maybe some seeds...YIKES!

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  1. So now I know what the new Oster is all about . . .i have a recipe for you!