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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This was fun!

Hoffmaster State Park was the host of the Tin Can Tourists/Michigan Chapter this past weekend.  As last year, they hosted a Vintage Camper Show. 

Richard and I headed over there Saturday afternoon.  I would say there were probably about 50-60 vintage campers open to walk into and chat it up with the owners.  Such cuteness, some...well they had a ways to go. 

and look, a cutie just the same as ours (but with an awning)!
It was fun seeing all the different styles.
I am partial though to my little canned ham!


  1. What fun, Barb. Yes, yours is special because of all your ingenious touches. Thanks for taking us along to the show.

  2. Playing "catch up" to blog posts. I can't believe I am a week behind!

    I like the awning . . . and your "Inside the canned ham" charm, the best!