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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Now a Memory


Mom's best gift ever..her Dad's rocker finally repaired.
Ice mold in window
Mag and Cooper
We never forget our Florida family
Maggie and her kids minus Tucker.
And we had snow
Fr. Phil after mass Christmas Eve

Wishing everyone fond memories .....just an tree is down and totally de-Christmas'd.

Snow photo courtesy of



  1. This made me smile . . . your mom looks happy in the rocker. Fr. Phil is delightful . . . Hey, I like your snow picture too!

  2. Wow Barb, You are quick...I still have gift wrap scraps and presents everywhere...not to mention my kids and baby grand who will be here till Saturday night. I'm in no rush to see Christmas go. Looks like you had a grand time. I am a little shocked to see the good Father in a Santa hat, kinda like how I felt when the Easter bunnie showed up at a basket blessing on Easter Saturday. My how things gave changed since our youth! Love, Penny