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Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Five on Friday

One. First and foremost, a Happy anniversary to my BFF and her husband Jack! What a great couple. They just returned last night from their celebration in NYC. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Two. Busy, busy week with commitments. Volunteering, appointments (three this week), errands, etc.

Three. Not too much on the cooking this week. I did make my yummy chicken noodle soup and dutch oven bread. It was perfect on a rainy, damp day. I also made a crockpot casserole dish...Hamburger Chop Suey. I was given the recipe last weekend from a friend at the harvest fest. It was tasty. My husband and mother loved it!

Four. I am in the process of making a cute little craft for a cute little girl! I'll share with you soon.

Five. Yucky outlook weather-wise ahead. Cold, rain, wind for the next ten days. Maybe some of that stuff that starts with the letter s!

Have a great weekend my friends.



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  1. Fun 5's with thank you's! Very nice to feel congratulated!